From Leftovers to New Meals – Improvisational Cooking Office Hours

Do you get overwhelmed when confronting a weird mix of veggies in your fridge? Do you wonder how to creatively mix your leftovers to reduce waste? Watch this video of Improvisational Cooking Office Hours with Caroline Howe and come up with some fun and easy ways to combine food scraps in delicious and easy meals.



Tip of the Day

About Community Food Rescue and the DC Food Recovery Working Group

Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, is the coordinated food recovery network of Montgomery County, Maryland. This program enhances the good work of businesses, individuals, and organizations that already recover and redistribute perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger.

The DC Food Recovery Working Group comprises a variety of partners from food banks, non-profits, and for-profits working on food recovery, DC government agencies, local environmental and sustainability organizations, and food recovery advocates. The Working Group promotes food recovery programs, organizations, and resources, and develops new food recovery partnerships, programs, and resources for greater DC.

Community Food Rescue Because food is a terrible thing to waste